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hi, i'm Michcio (she/her)

this is my less serious website. if you want to give me a job or something that stuff is on michcioperz.com

i am utterly unpronounceable, yes

i go by Michcio (/ˈmix.t͡ɕɔ/), but if it brings you physical pain to say it,
then feel free to join my friends in
calling me, pronounced English style,
Michi (/mi’t͡ʂi/) or Mich (/mit͡ʂ/).
Mocha/Moka (/‘mɔ.ka/) is also fine

things i am and things i do

i am a softie who makes computer software (computer programmer) at the end of my academic studies of this dark art

i like anime and manga. i have one nendoroid of Shima Rin from Yuru CampΔ and zero intent of expanding this collection. you may imagine if i have exactly one figurine there’s a reason it’s that one

sometimes i drink really average tea. sometimes i drink coffee brewed with a v60 or an aeropress. my favourite beans are the Ethiopia Sidamo from Coffee&Sons, but i have like 10 unfinished bags of other things aaaaaaaaaaa

i am here and there

i can be found on github anilist